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How to Make short film for Oscar Academy Awards

The definition of a short film is defined as an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits. There are two criteria of short films for which awards are given, they are animated short film and Live action short films. For the film to be nominated part of the short film category, there are many rules which should be followed.  The complete information of the rules & eligibility requirements for short film category, you can find on the website.. link ( Short Film Rules ).
I have attached some links, for information on how to make good short films for academy awards nomination. 
( Link) 10 things you must do to make your short film oscar worthy
( Link) How to win an Oscar for best short film

Weekend Movie to Watch at Home

Movie : Why Him ?

Year of Release :  2016
Genres : Comedy / Romance
Total Box Office : Very Good Collection

Reception : Positive Reviews
Story : Unique and Interesting

Visiting Banana Island in Doha, Qatar

Banana Island is around 20 minutes travel from Doha, there are luxury yacht services available to board tourists to the beautiful island. If you are planning to visit the place,check with your travel agent for any promotional offers, so that you can get a good deal with the air package, also there are five star resorts which offer promotional offers through out the year.

Check it out 

( Link Banana Island Resort

 It's worth visiting this place for a short holiday tours.

London Spring Visit, the best holiday time

If you are planning to visit London for the first time, the spring season and the summer is the best time to visit the beautiful city, as you'll enjoy long daylights. Spring season starts from March to May and the weather will be mild with temperature averaging 11° to 15 °C with moderate spring rainfall. 
Summer starts in June to August and the weather will be warm and hot with temperature averaging 20° to 30 ° C.
For travelers visiting London, summer  is the best time to visit as there will be lots of activities planned during this period.
London Spring season pics