Work Life and Living in Gulf Countries for Expatriates

The countries which forms part of Gulf or GCC are Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Qatar. All of these countries are highly developed countries. There are lots of foreign workers working in gulf in various fields, many of the foreign workers comes from different parts of the world, they are referred as expatriates/ residents.

We can see many expatriates working in various sectors, such as Domestic, Construction, Engineering, Oil Sector, Banking, etc.

Living in gulf countries depends up on personal choice and totally based on the income and the life style. If you are living alone and getting an average salary of 1500 to 2000 USD per month, which can get you a good accommodation and a decent living. Also, there are lots of good option for food and accommodation for expatriates. We can see different types of Restaurants, such as Indian, Arabic, Chinese,Japanese and many more.For entertainment, the cost is little higher, but affordable. Food products are available from low cost to high and the quality of the food products are maintained at very high level.

In gulf countries the spending totally depends up on the earning power. There is no income tax or low tax, which gives a good opportunity to save money. Also, we need to consider the value of the currency of gulf countries, which is very high.  


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