Low cost great budget travel destinations - Asia

Kerala and Karnataka there are lots of good places to visit. An average totaling of expense for Lodging, Food, Transportation and Entertainment should not go more than 40 to 50 USD per day.  Also, it depends up on the type of expense you are planning to make.
1 USD = approx 66 to 68 INR

It’s a great budget travel destination, an average spending can range from 10 to 15 USD, but it depends up on what you are planning for. As example liquor, cigarettes etc will be costly, but still it won’t be much costlier.

Sri Lanka
Traveling expense for Tourist visiting Srilanka is not expensive comparing to other places in the world. An average the food, accommodation and travel expense is low and with a limited budget you complete a good holiday trip.
A conversion of 1 USD = approx 151 Sri Lankan Rupees

It’s another best place to visit, a great budget travel destination; an average daily spending can range from 15 to 20 USD. The currency used in the country is Indonesian Rupiah’s (IDR) , most of the business is done in IDR. It’s better to convert USD to IDR for expenses.
A conversion of 1 USD = approx 13,364 IDR (changes based on daily fluctuations. Overall travel cost in Indonesia is not high comparing to other travel destinations.


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