How to improve views on Youtube videos

Well! the job is simple, if you have good idea and creative mind. There are lots of videos uploaded on YouTube on a daily basis and it's not easy that all of the videos will get good views. If you check the videos which are having more number of views, you can understand easily the reason behind those more views. 

The main reason is having more and more subscriber base. So, the basic trick is to increase your subscriber base by posting videos which are liked by people across the world, decide what type of videos you want to upload and what information the viewers will benefit from the videos. 

There are lots of search done on internet on topics such as, entertainment, news, travel, education, free services, promotions, new jobs, employment, short-films, arts, business, climate, holidays, films, places, etc. So decide which category suits your style and make a clear video which should be different from the same content available already on YouTube, for example something new which is more creative and specially designed from your idea, such as a good short film, information on travel and places, creative arts, presentation, educational lectures, etc. 

Upload the video with more tags, which suits similar theme. More tags will attract viewers to reach your video with their search on key words matching with the selected tags. 

Check my next post for information on monetizing videos on YouTube.  


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