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Street photography

Street Photography is not easy, it needs good understanding of expressions to be captured in public domain.Street photography doesn't mean that the picture should contain streets, the whole objective behind taking a street shots is to capture the real expression in a public window, the picture should reflect the expression the street photographer want to convey from his mind.Street photography possess risk of copyright and other legal effects as most of the pictures are captured in public window without the world knowing about it.

The best pictures taken by great street photographers reflect happenings in day to day life. check out the link...good info

Lonely street
 Horse ride along the street Street
Vendors in a busy market

How to use DSLR Cameras

DSLR Camera may not be easy to use for someone who is not a professional photographer, as it requires some understanding of using DSLR camera technology.However,most important is the experience and learning which makes it a perfect shot.

You can find good information on learning and understanding DSLR technology, check it out

Link :

Famous Arabic Dishes in Middle east

I love Arabic dishes, it has it's own aroma and blend of Arabic herbs and spices. There are variety of dishes in Arabic cuisines, which are special and tastes good. The best Arabic dishes to taste in middle east.
Shish Taouk 






Kunafeh, a sweet dessert  

Try it out on your visit  to any good Arabic restaurants.