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Hyderabad, the lovely city

Hyderabad - India, the city known for its rich culture and heritage,the place of world class cuisines and many more.There are lots of attractive places to visit and enjoy the best moments with family and friends.When you visit this city,you need to have a proper planning as there are lots of lots of attraction to explore in the city of jewels. You must visit the old city to see the beautiful monument Charminar, in the same place you find various vendors selling world class designed bangles and pearl ornaments.
The second on the list is the ancient fort Golconda, the fort was built with excellent architecture techniques,which you see and feel when visiting the place,then comes the Ramoji film city situated approx more than 50  Kms away from the city, the Ramoji Film City is known for its world class ambiance of film sets which is marvelous.
If you like to view the technical hub of Hyderabad, you must surely visit Hi tech city, situated at Madhapur. There are lots of shopping malls and exc…

Some of the worlds best Cars and bike collection in Kuwait city

An amazing experience to see the worlds best cars and bike collection. The car museum is located near to Shuwaikh City Centre, Kuwait City.

Practice Yoga Guide for Beginners, A Video on Yoga


Street photography

Street Photography is not easy, it needs good understanding of expressions to be captured in public domain.Street photography doesn't mean that the picture should contain streets, the whole objective behind taking a street shots is to capture the real expression in a public window, the picture should reflect the expression the street photographer want to convey from his mind.Street photography possess risk of copyright and other legal effects as most of the pictures are captured in public window without the world knowing about it.

The best pictures taken by great street photographers reflect happenings in day to day life. check out the link...good info

Lonely street
 Horse ride along the street Street
Vendors in a busy market

How to use DSLR Cameras

DSLR Camera may not be easy to use for someone who is not a professional photographer, as it requires some understanding of using DSLR camera technology.However,most important is the experience and learning which makes it a perfect shot.

You can find good information on learning and understanding DSLR technology, check it out

Link :

Famous Arabic Dishes in Middle east

I love Arabic dishes, it has it's own aroma and blend of Arabic herbs and spices. There are variety of dishes in Arabic cuisines, which are special and tastes good. The best Arabic dishes to taste in middle east.
Shish Taouk 






Kunafeh, a sweet dessert  

Try it out on your visit  to any good Arabic restaurants.

Worlds best Sand Sculpting art pictures

The beautiful hand made sand sculptures of monuments and attractive sand arts is eye catching and getting famous through out the world.Visitors from various countries are visiting this place to see the beauty of the sand art and to appreciate the hard work of the artists for their great efforts in carving such amazing structures.

No words to praise the efforts and time been spent on making these beautiful sand sculpting arts, its really amazing.
The venue of the remal festival is at Kuwait International Fair grounds near Mishref. The entrance fees is 3 KD per person.
Some of the pictures taken at the venue.

Resorts in Kuwait - Green Island Resort

The Green Island resort is near Arabian gulf road, the entrance fees is KD 1 per visitor and for children's its free.  There are lots of fun activities arranged in the place,such as train ride for KD 1 per person and bicycle rides for KD 5. 
Chek it out
Pictures taken in the resort

Ayurvedic treatments, therapy in Kerala, the Gods own country

Kerala,the place is filled with incredible nature. The beauty of the divine showers in this place and that's the reason it's called as Gods Own Country.The culture,tradition,language followed in this place dates back to centuries and still remains unblemished.

The ancient ayurvedic practice followed to cure many diseases and health disorders.There are trusted institutions which treat people suffering with various health disorders by ayurvedic treatments.

There are ayurvedic institutions which provide ayurvedic therapy for releasing bone & muscle pains. You can research over internet and find more information on various Ayurvedic Health Centers operating in Kerala and the type of treatments provided.

A place for mental peace, Munnar, Kerala

Munnar is a beautiful hill station in Kerala. The place is surrounded with tea estates and coffee plantations.  If you are a tea lover, so you have option to visit tea estate to sip different types of tea, but before visiting the estate, check with your local guide or hotel to take more information on the estate which offers such facility to visitors.  The place has many good resorts, hotels and home stay facilities, which are available at decent price.Most of the hotel offers different travel packages at a reasonable price, but it's worth checking with your travel agent to give you more information on the best package prices. 
The best season to visit Munnar is August to December, as the climate will be warm. In Jan to March the climate is slightly hot and June to July it's rainy. So plan your booking after checking with your travel agent. 
If you are visiting from abroad,the Cochin International Airport will be the nearest option, the travelling time takes around 6 hours  by ca…