Marriott Omar Khayyam Hotel - Cairo

I stayed in this hotel in 2009 and 2010 for almost 10 days, the Hotel is on 16  Mohammed Abd El-Wahab street, Cairo with a excellent view of River Nile. The Hotel infrastructure is vast and beautiful…..the Hotel's main building is the key attraction as being a beautiful palace, which is maintained very neat and clean. The guests rooms are on two side of the palace with a good view of River Nile.
The Hotel has good dining option with a large Breakfast lounge, Pool Bar and a Garden Restaurant….which is awesome…dining in the open restaurant makes a perfect evening.
The Breakfast lounge menu has a variety of Oriental breakfast dishes and served at its best.The Hotel has a excellent Pub, large Casino, Swimming pool, Fitness Centre and Spa. The prices are bit expensive, but no excuse its a Luxury 5 star Hotel with all good facilities….soo adjustable.
For guests..who prefer dining outside the hotel....there are good number of restaurants near to the hotel premises.  

View of River Nile -  from the Hotel Room


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