Beirut - A beautiful city to visit

Beirut, a beautiful city in Lebanon to visit and enjoy a good vacation . In Beirut, there are interesting places to hangout such as Pigeon rocks in Raouche,Temples of baalbek, Jieta Grotto, The Corniche, Solidere, Beirut Souks, and Farraya. 

Tourists  has the choice of renting bicycles for a fees of 10 usd and can explore a beautiful ride on the hill top in Beirut city.

The beaches are very good option for a evening walk, as the climate will be warm most of the times.

If you are planning for Shopping, visiting Nightclubs/Pubs, it's better to keep dollars, as most of the outlets prefer dollars from tourist, than Lebanese lira.

Evening in Beirut - at Raouche

Picture taken at Faraya 


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