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Beirut - A beautiful city to visit

Beirut, a beautiful city in Lebanon to visit and enjoy a good vacation . In Beirut, there are interesting places to hangout such as Pigeon rocks in Raouche,Temples of baalbek, Jieta Grotto, The Corniche, Solidere, Beirut Souks, and Farraya. 
Tourists  has the choice of renting bicycles for a fees of 10 usd and can explore a beautiful ride on the hill top in Beirut city.
The beaches are very good option for a evening walk, as the climate will be warm most of the times.
If you are planning for Shopping, visiting Nightclubs/Pubs, it's better to keep dollars, as most of the outlets prefer dollars from tourist, than Lebanese lira.

Evening in Beirut - at Raouche
Picture taken at Faraya 

Marriott Omar Khayyam Hotel - Cairo

I stayed in this hotel in 2009 and 2010 for almost 10 days, the Hotel is on 16  Mohammed Abd El-Wahab street, Cairo with a excellent view of River Nile. The Hotel infrastructure is vast and beautiful…..the Hotel's main building is the key attraction as being a beautiful palace, which is maintained very neat and clean. The guests rooms are on two side of the palace with a good view of River Nile.

The Hotel has good dining option with a large Breakfast lounge, Pool Bar and a Garden Restaurant….which is awesome…dining in the open restaurant makes a perfect evening. The Breakfast lounge menu has a variety of Oriental breakfast dishes and served at its best.The Hotel has a excellent Pub, large Casino, Swimming pool, Fitness Centre and Spa. The prices are bit expensive, but no excuse its a Luxury 5 star Hotel with all good facilities….soo adjustable. For guests..who prefer dining outside the hotel....there are good number of restaurants near to the hotel premises.  

View of River Nile -  f…

Pandavan Para or the Rock of the Pandavas

Pandavan Para or the Rock of the Pandavas, a historic place located in Chengannur Town, Allapuzha, kerala. The main attraction of this place is the foot print of Bheema sena and the caves where the pandavas stayed.

  Foot print of Bheema sena - Pandavan Para