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Egaila Beach - Kuwait

Egaila Beach is very popular in Kuwait, the beach is in Fintas, block 1 on the Arabian sea coast.The entry fee to the beach is 1 kd /person. The best attraction of the beach is the long sea bridge with a good landscape view of the sea and the surroundings.

Old Pendulum Clock - Old Collections

It shows the right time, there is no battery or electronics, just a wooden box and a refined automatic system,  it's 40 year old and still swings and makes our day.

Biggest Ski Resort of Middle East - Faraya,Beirut

Faraya host the largest Ski resort in the Middle Eastand is a good travel destination for tourists coming on holidays form different parts of the worldto Beirut,Lebanon.There are lots of excursion activities such as ski-doo,night skiing and snow boarding in this place.

For promoting tourism these activities are carried out  through out the year. The best time to visit the place is during summer which may last till July where  the temperaturemay reach up to 30°C. In winter the temperaturewill drop very low and will be too cold. 

Thai Dishes a Popular Street Food, Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a popular dish of Thailand...This delicacy is available at most of the Thai Restaurants across the world.The Pad Thai is a type of noodle made of rice and mixed with egg,chicken, added along with Thai food seasoning .which includes crushed peanuts,garlic,tomato,coriander,chili,vinegar, and Thai sauces ....This dish is a right choice for someone who wants to have a light lunch/dinner and to enjoy a great taste. Pad Thai a Real Delicacy

Finest Photography collection of Rare species of birds

These pictures  are some of my personal photography collections.
The Pictures are showing the beautiful Black swan, Cackling Canada goose, Red-eared slider and other birds species.These species are very rare and are native only to few countries.
Black Swan: These species are native to Southeast and Southwest Australia. The habitat of this species is on wet lands and sub aquatic vegetation. The species diets on vegetarian and grasses.
Cackling Canada goose: These species are native to North America and Canada. The habitat of this species is near lakes, ponds and rivers.
The species diets on grass, leaves, stems and Roots.
Red–eared slider: These species are native to United States, Canada, Mexico and Netherlands. The habitat of this species is in Aquatic areas. The species are omnivores.. and feeds on a variety of animals and Plant matter.
 Note: These pictures are my personal photography collections. Please be refrain from copying the content and images
The Black Swan enjoying the warm day


Visit to Tibetan Monastery ( Golden Temple) located in Kodagu,

The Tibetan Monastery ( Golden Temple) is located in Kodagu, Karnataka, India . The Golden temple is a beautiful attraction to tourist from various parts of the world. The temple walls are well decorated with beautiful paintings of Buddhist mythology. The place is very peaceful and green….a idle place to meditate.
Nearby the temple there are shopping centers for traditional Tibetan items, such as Tibetan designed jewelry, costumes, statues, carpets,etc.

Visit to the World wonder the Pyramids of Giza , Cairo, Egypt

These pictures are some of my Photography collections, which were taken during my visit to Cairo,Egypt. The Pyramids of Giza is around 1 hour travelling from Cairo City. The view of the pyramids is massive and amazing. To allow entry to the area, there is a small fees. If you hire a guide, he will show you some good spots to take nice pictures with complete background of pyramids.  

The Tunnel to go Inside Pyramids - In ancient times, after mummification, the Mummies were taken through this tunnel and kept inside a secret chamber.

The Tunnel to go inside the secret chambers

The Chamber

Kerala -Gods Own Country

Kerala, the Gods own country is famous for it's incredible natural beauty. There are lots of greenery filled with plantations of coconut, cashew,pepper,vanilla,jack  fruit,pineapple,tea, rubber and many more.There are many good places to visit in Kerala, check out the link for more information on Kerala Tourism. Link : Kerala Tourism Information

The Yellow Coconut of Kerala The coconut farms

Indian Restaurants in Kuwait with Location

Indian dishes are very popular in Kuwait. There are lots of Indian Restaurants in Kuwait, which serves different varieties of dishes.
Popular Indian Restaurants
Mughal Mahal, ( Sharq, Salmiya, Faheel) Ashas ( Avenues, Salmiya) Darbar ( Kuwait Continental Hotel ) Bukhara Indian Restaurant | Sheraton Kuwait Jamawar - Crowne Plaza Hotel Avanthi Palace, Salmiya Oriental Restaurant, Salmiya, Kuwait City Moti Mahal,Kuwait City Khyber Restaurant, Kuwait City Winners,Salmiya Asia Asia Restaurant, Kuwait City
Popular for Kerala Dishes
Chachoos Restaurant,Abbasiya Dakshin Ceasars Restaurant, Abbasiya Wood lands Restaurant, Salmiya Karimbumkala Restaurant,Salmiya