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Travel Visa Information

Interesting information on the Travel visa requirements for various countries, helpful information.
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Which are the best European Destinations to Travel

Interesting site and informative, check it out... the Top 10 European Destinations to visit for a happy and enjoyable vacation. 

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Travel Moments ~ Share your comments

Never to forget the best moments in our life, when we use to travel to dream places. The memories of the trip's will always remain in our heart. Those days were the special moments of life,when we enjoyed travelling with family and friends.  

Life just moves on..

Beirut - A beautiful city to visit

Beirut, a beautiful city in Lebanon to visit and enjoy a good vacation . In Beirut, there are interesting places to hangout such as Pigeon rocks in Raouche,Temples of baalbek, Jieta Grotto, The Corniche, Solidere, Beirut Souks, and Farraya. 
Tourists  has the choice of renting bicycles for a fees of 10 usd and can explore a beautiful ride on the hill top in Beirut city.
The beaches are very good option for a evening walk, as the climate will be warm most of the times.
If you are planning for Shopping, visiting Nightclubs/Pubs, it's better to keep dollars, as most of the outlets prefer dollars from tourist, than Lebanese lira.

Evening in Beirut - at Raouche
Picture taken at Faraya 

Marriott Omar Khayyam Hotel - Cairo

I stayed in this hotel in 2009 and 2010 for almost 10 days, the Hotel is on 16  Mohammed Abd El-Wahab street, Cairo with a excellent view of River Nile. The Hotel infrastructure is vast and beautiful…..the Hotel's main building is the key attraction as being a beautiful palace, which is maintained very neat and clean. The guests rooms are on two side of the palace with a good view of River Nile.

The Hotel has good dining option with a large Breakfast lounge, Pool Bar and a Garden Restaurant….which is awesome…dining in the open restaurant makes a perfect evening. The Breakfast lounge menu has a variety of Oriental breakfast dishes and served at its best.The Hotel has a excellent Pub, large Casino, Swimming pool, Fitness Centre and Spa. The prices are bit expensive, but no excuse its a Luxury 5 star Hotel with all good facilities….soo adjustable. For guests..who prefer dining outside the hotel....there are good number of restaurants near to the hotel premises.  

View of River Nile -  f…

Pandavan Para or the Rock of the Pandavas

Pandavan Para or the Rock of the Pandavas, a historic place located in Chengannur Town, Allapuzha, kerala. The main attraction of this place is the foot print of Bheema sena and the caves where the pandavas stayed.

  Foot print of Bheema sena - Pandavan Para

Khan El Khalili - Cairo,Egypt

Khan El Khalili is a ancient market arena dating back to the late 14th Century. The must place to see, when visiting Cairo. The place is famous for clothing,traditional jewellery, spices and traditional perfumes and lots of attracting souvenirs. The operating hours is from morning 10:00 AM to late evening. The place is one of the main attraction for tourists visiting Cairo.

City Stars Mall Cairo - beautiful shopping mall

City Stars Mall is a vast and luxurious mall in Cairo. The mall is located at mar Ibn El Khattab Street,Heliopolis,Cairo. The Mall has its own beauty and world class ambiance.There are lot of shopping outlets and food courts operating in this mall. The place is a good outing option for people on weekends and holidays.There are lots of international brand outlets in this mall, an ideal place for shopping and enjoyment. The Mall is around half an hour drive from the Cairo City.

Pictures of the City Stars Mall

JW Marriott Hotel - Mirage City Cairo

The Hotel is on the Ring Road- Mirage City, Heliopolis,Cairo. With a excellent view of Golf course and beautiful lake. The Hotel infrastructure is vast and beautiful with excellent Swimming pools, Fitness Centre, Golf Course and Spa.
The Hotel has good dining option with large Breakfast lounge, Bars with open dining lounge, choices of restaurants serving Japanese and Lebanese cuisines.
I enjoyed my stay in this Hotel. Some Picture collections

Dubai Musical Fountain Show - Must watch it

Dubai Musical Fountain  -  The Amazing show..

Check it out - The flow of water .....dances to the rhythm of music .. amazing show

Relaxing places in the World - The Best

If you are planning to visit some best places to relax and enjoy a lovely time .....

Check it out...nice information

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Honeymoon Destinations in India

Interesting information on the best Honeymoon destinations in India

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Hyderabadi Dum Biryani - A Mouth-watering delicacy

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, a delicacy from Hyderabad..the taste and aroma of the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is divine. The History of this dish takes back to centuries…The popularity of this dish is through out the world. The process of cooking is a bit difficult ..but with experience…it can be done. They say,that the best Hyderabadi dish is available only in Hyderabad..and I believe it may be true. The speciality of the Hyderabadi dish, is its aroma..a blend of spices with meat or chicken…with a perfect Dum( Cooked in steam)….and rest all in the hands of Chef to make the dish a perfect one. After having this dish…the smell and the taste remains in the memory forever. Check out the Recipe Link :Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

Madaba Mosaic - Ancient Paintings and Inscription

In the ancient period, Mosaics from the Madaba were used in many buildings to decorate walls and ceilings. The mosaics were designed with colourful pictures and beautiful carvings. Still after many years the glow and the beauty of these ancient inscriptions are not lost. The beauty of the carved mosaics and the paintings are amazing and shows the greatness of the creative work done by the people at that time. Most of the mosaics..were used in the churches and monastery. The best known mosaic in Madaba is the map of the Holy Land to be seen in the Church of St George at Madaba. More collections of the Madaba Mosaic inscription can be seen in the Archaeological Park at Mount Nebo.

Pictures of the Madaba Mosaic with ancient inscription and paintings

Budget Hotels in the World

Interesting information on the best Budget Hotels in the world

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Web Link : Worlds Best Budget Hotels

Visit to Dead Sea,the lowest point on earth

Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth. The site is around 80 to 100 KM’s far and 2 Hours drive from Amman City. The visit to Dead Sea is fascinating with a healing swim in the saline waters. It’s really a wonderful experience…to all tourists to get a tremendous relief from the healing properties of the Dead Sea Sand and the saline water.
Picture of dead sea showing the thickness of salt in the water

Sand Art - Amazing Creativity

These pictures are taken near dead sea, seen some vendors selling this master piece. Initially, i was wondering!!! what would be my wonder... I realised that these are not a painted glass jar, but a real creative work of some great people. The glass jar is filled with colourfull sand and decorated to show a beautiful form of art. Looking at the jar anyone would be surprised they did it .....?

Visit to Mount Nebo, Memorial of Moses, Amman,Jordan

Mount Nebo is a beautiful historical place to visit in Jordan, with 817 meters high, the view from Mount nebo is spectacular and provides a excellent view of the vast mountain valleys and the dead sea. The place is around 40 to 45 Km’s drive from Amman City, it takes around 1hour time to travel from Amman City. Mount Nebo is a Christian holy place, large number of tourists visits this place to see the Memorial of Moses and to know the historic information of Mount Nebo. There are lots of historical information to know and explore in this place. If you are visiting Amman, don’t forget to visit Mount Nebo, the place is on the way to Dead Sea. Pictures taken atMount Nebo

Jerash - A Wonderful Historic site in Jordan

Jerash is a wonderful historic site in Jordan. The site is around 60 KM and 45Minutes drive from Amman City. The entry fee for tourists is 8 JOD and for children’s less than 15 years of age, its free entry. The site resembles the historic ruins of the Roman city which would have certainly disappeared or become buried during the course of its construction. We can see the wonderful roman architecture and designs in the temple pillars at Jerash. The complete site is covered around 3 to 4 KM in distance. A good place to visit and explore for tourists in Amman. Pictures taken at Jerash

The Entrance to Site

Ruins of Ancient Roman Theratre

Ancient Roman Architecture and Designs

Rihab Rotana Hotel Dubai - Information

The hotel is located in the heart of dubai, near todeira city centre. I liked the services of the hotel and its beautiful rooms and the lounge. The hotel seems to be of both business andfamily hotel. The room which i stayed was a deluxe apartment, it had a washing machine,microwave,mini bar and more stuffs, exactly what you require when you stay with your family. The breakfast lounge is on the ground floor, the menu had a variety of oriental breakfast dishes with prices seems to be fine and not much expensive. Room service wasalso good and on time.
Link to Site : Rihab Rotana Hotel Dubai

DSLR Camera Interesting Information

The information is interesting.

 Link : Best DSLR: top cameras by price and brand

The Regency Palace Hotel Amman - Information

I stayed in this hotel in 2010 for almost 3 nights and 4 Days, the Hotel is in Queen Alia Street, Amman, Jordan. The Hotel has one of the best restaurant in Amman..called Trade Vic's, the restaurant serves international cuisines and also entertain guests with live musical performances. The hotel has a beautiful lounge with variety of drink options and a cigar club..which seems to be very interesting. The Breakfast lounge menu has a variety of Oriental breakfast dishes and served at its best.The Hotel has a Indoor Swimming pool, with a excellent view of Amman city.The prices are expensive and again it depends on your pocket ..on how much you gonna spend..
Link to Site : The Regency Palace Hotel - Amman
Outside View of Amman City from the Hotel Room

Conrad Cairo Hotel - Information

I stayed in this Luxury hotel in 2010 for almost 9 nights and 10 Days, the Hotel is in 1191 Corniche El Nil,Cairo with a excellent view of River Nile. The Hotel infrastructure is vast and beautiful…..the Hotel building is constructed in a way that each guest room has a view of River Nile. The Hotel has good dining option with a large Breakfast lounge, Pool Bar and a Garden Restaurant….which is awesome…dining in the open restaurant makes a perfect evening…...The Breakfast lounge menu has a variety of Oriental breakfast dishes served at its best. The Hotel has a excellent Platinum club, large Casino arena, Swimming pool, Fitness Centre and Massage parlour……. The prices are bit expensive, but no excuse its a Luxury 5 star Hotel with all good facilities provided to Guests….adjustable. There are Food Courts near to the hotel premises …a evening walk near the sides of River Nile is very pleasant and makes a wonderful day. Link to Site : Conrad Cairo Hotel Outside View of the Hotel View of River …

Shangri-La Hotel Dubai - Information

I stayed in this hotel in 2010 for almost 3 night and 4 days, the Hotel is on Sheik Zayed Road. The ambience of the Hotel is one of its best in the Hotel Industry…the Guest service is also good….I was very delighted to see my Room, which had a direct view of the world’s biggest tower Burj Khalifa ….....I was lucky to get a room with a good view……… The Rooms are maintained very neat with soo much care by the House Keeping Staff….a big thanks to them… The Hotel has good dining option such as Breakfast lounge,Pool Bar and Restaurant, English Bar, etc ……. The prices are not economic…a bit expensive …..but no excuse its a high class 5 star Hotel with all good facilities provided to Guests….soo adjustable.. There are few Food Courts near to the hotel premises …a walk in the evening on the street will be very pleasant. Link to the Site : Shangri - La Hotel Dubai Outside view from the Hotel Room

Dubai Souq Madinat Jumeirah - A good timeout

The Souk Madinat Jumeirah is in the vibrant and colourful heart of Madinat Jumeirah. It’s a busy arena… which host good dining facilities to the tourists. The place has a spectacular environment with lots of entertainment options….such as boat sailing, sheesha house ,Bar and idle place to visit and enjoy a great evening in Dubai with family and friends. Some pictures taken at night ………

Dubai Nightlife and Timeout

If you are visiting dubai for a timeout...look at this site to know new updates on the events and concerts happening in Dubai.....seems interesting You can find information on Restaurants,Shopping & style,body and mind,new events,etc Time out Dubai

Chicken Fajitas - Amazing Mexican Dish

Chicken Fajitas is an amazing dish tried at a restaurant in Dubai...the dish is made with three coloured bell peppers,onions,cilantro and Mexican spices. Served with a combination of guacamole,salsa sauce and tortilla bread. Guacamole is a avocado based sauce originated from Mexico, it is widely used in Mexican dishes. The salsa sauce is tomato based sauce ..used in Mexican cuisines. Tortilla bread is a thin bread made of  wheat flour...its a tasty bread ..a good combination to eat with chicken and meat dishes. Try it out ..good dish to enjoy at lunch or dinner