Nasi lemak Malaysia's national dish

Nasi lemak is considered as Malaysia's national dish. The dish comes in many variations according to the preparation methods used by the chefs.

Nasi lemak is available at most of the restaurants in Malaysia. Try it out... .

London Spring Visit, the best holiday time

If you are planning to visit London for the first time, the spring season and the summer is the best time to visit the beautiful city, as you'll enjoy long daylights. Spring season starts from March to May and the weather will be mild with temperature averaging 11° to 15 °C with moderate spring rainfall. 
Summer starts in June to August and the weather will be warm and hot with temperature averaging 20° to 30 ° C.
For travelers visiting London, summer  is the best time to visit as there will be lots of activities planned during this period.
London Spring season pics

Travelling to Goa, activities and site seeing

Goa is one of the best travel destination in India, the place has lot of beaches falling on the sides of Arabian Sea. The climate is hot and humid most of the time and during April and May it will be too hot, but that doesn't matter as long as you are having a nice time. Anyways, the best time to visit Goa will be from October to January as the climate will be warm and favorable.  

If you are visiting Goa, and like to have more information on various activities, places to visit, things to do, hotel bookings, packages and many more. 


( Link) Information on Goa Tourism

A well maintained Greenhouse

The concept of Greenhouse is becoming popular nowadays, especially when there is a scarcity of good land and water for cultivation. Greenhouse can be developed with less capital, but depends up on the size of the area and the type of crops which are planned for cultivation. Lets say If you are planning to cultivate vegetables for personal needs, it may require less space and can fulfill basic family needs, but if you are planning for commercial purpose then the requirements will also go up, it all depends up on personal choice and interest.
During my recent visit to a farm house, I was much impressed the way the greenhouse concept was implemented to grow flowers, strawberries and different types of vegetables. 
Really interesting. 

Travel Experience - Share your views

We all travel to different places and it's a fact that we share either good or bad experience in travelling. Please share your travelling experience, for example the places you liked the most, the best airline service you liked.

You can post your views as comments for the viewers of this blog Loved Destinations.

Work Life and Living in Gulf Countries for Expatriates

The countries which forms part of Gulf or GCC are Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Qatar. All of these countries are highly developed countries. There are lots of foreign workers working in gulf in various fields, many of the foreign workers comes from different parts of the world, they are referred as expatriates/ residents.

We can see many expatriates working in various sectors, such as Domestic, Construction, Engineering, Oil Sector, Banking, etc.

Living in gulf countries depends up on personal choice and totally based on the income and the life style. If you are living alone and getting an average salary of 1500 to 2000 USD per month, which can get you a good accommodation and a decent living. Also, there are lots of good option for food and accommodation for expatriates. We can see different types of Restaurants, such as Indian, Arabic, Chinese,Japanese and many more.For entertainment, the cost is little higher, but affordable. Food products are available from low cost to …

Big Movie Release in April 2017- The Fate of the Furious

The eighth installment of the Fast and Furious movie series is on the way to thrill fans with adventure action. The new movie The Fate of the Furious is scheduled to be released on April 14,2017. Lets wait and see the new adventure action the movie will bring this time. 

Low cost great budget travel destinations - Asia

Kerala and Karnataka there are lots of good places to visit. An average totaling of expense for Lodging, Food, Transportation and Entertainment should not go more than 40 to 50 USD per day.Also, it depends up on the type of expense you are planning to make. 1 USD = approx 66 to 68 INR

Cambodia It’s a great budget travel destination, an average spending can range from 10 to 15 USD, but it depends up on what you are planning for. As example liquor, cigarettes etc will be costly, but still it won’t be much costlier.

Sri Lanka Traveling expense for Tourist visiting Srilanka is not expensive comparing to other places in the world. An average the food, accommodation and travel expense is low and with a limited budget you complete a good holiday trip. A conversion of 1 USD = approx 151 Sri Lankan Rupees

Indonesia It’s another best place to visit, a great budget travel destination; an average daily spending can range from 15 to 20 USD. The currency used in the country is Indonesian Rupiah’s …